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Booze Reviews and Mixed Drinks

Appleton Estates Rum:

Appleton Estates Website

Appleton Estates V/X

First off you need to make a distinction in your local purveyor of fine booze between Appleton and Appleton Estates, from what I remember of drinking the former in Jamaica it’s also a fine Jamaican export and quite enjoyable, Appleton Estates however is a much finer rum. It’s not quite as smooth as Captain Morgan’s Private Stock but it’s an extremely enjoyable gold rum and has just short of three centuries authenticity backing it up. Hard to say anything against that especially when the product’s damn good.


Laird’s Applejack:


Not related to "My Little Pony"

A very old, very good Apple whiskey (Laird’s also makes straight apple brandy) Applejack is good stuff. I really don’t have much more to say about it other then recommending you cut it with a wee dram of apple juice. It’s a good whiskey and the apple scents are extremely strong in it, but I’d almost rather it have a stronger apple flavor to the beverage itself.


Some drink recipes:

Summer Vacation in a Glass:

1 shot gold tequila

2 shots gold rum

fruit punch and sprite to taste

Summer Daze:

3 shots rum

1 shot 151

pour shots into a highball glass and add fruit juices (OJ, Pineapple, fruit punch) till filled

Adult Apple Juice:

Laird’s Applejack

Apple Cider or Applejuice

Mix to taste

Spritz Cider Tonic:

1 shot Laird’s Applejack

1 shot Jack Daniels

fill tumbler with equal mix of sprite and cider

Deathmix Uber: (based off of Tucker Max deathmix, all rights to the king of assholes)

Mix the following in a camelback: (ice suggested but optional)

1 bottle everclear

1 320z fruit punch Gatorade

2 80z cans of Redbull

1 can of fruit punch 4Loko

fill remaining space in camelback with more fruit punch gatorade, seal, mix and serve from camelback to a LARGE group of people… you know unless you WANT to commit suicide in which case you’ll be fine on your own champ! (Notice for morons that’s what’s called “sarcasm” don’t actually try to down this on your own.)


Why is the rum gone!?

Goddamn I love pay weeks, it’s an excuse to buy fresh bottles of booze and I loaded up this week. Four bottles of booze, three reviews and a story.



Review #1: Calico Jack: Bonny’s Best

This rum is already doing it right, it has a pirate theme and it costs $1o a freaking bottle, even if it’s mediocre rum this has incredible potential for winning on the cheap.


Yum, this is actually pretty damn good, not as smooth as Cap’n but still good gold spiced rum. I could drink a lot of this… and I’m going to. Really strong vanilla scent/flavor to this rum

Mixed drink:

Rum + Dr. Pepper/Coke is about as fancy as I get and this worked great with it.

Drinking it straight:

as the night went on I pounded from this bottle, drank it straight with no glass or mixers and loved every second of it, strongly approve, if you can find it, get some now before they raise the price.



Review 2: The Kraken Dark Spiced Rum

Yeah, I got the big bottle

Holy shit, first off this bottle has a HANDLE, that is perfect for drunk idiots like myself, this is fanfreakingtastic, the graphic design goes really well with the bottle itself over all just great. Black spiced rum, 94 proof so this rum is not fucking around at all.


Damn, I was right, this rum is not fucking around, this shit is rocket fuel and doesn’t try to hide it, still tastes pretty good but I’d suggest taking it with a mixer such as coke or dr. pepper (I’m not sponsored by Coke products but I wouldn’t say no to selling out) over all excellent black spiced rum, I’m very pleased I got the big bottle for my upcoming weekend. Really good, strong flavor lots of nice spiceness. I can’t say enough about this rum, stop reading this, go buy a bottle and come back. We’ll wait…. back? good let’s get on to the next review then.

Fuck that's awesome, the kraken challenges you to drink this



Review #3: The Knot

As soon as I walked over to the whiskey aisle in the walmart of liquer stores I was in this was calling to me, I just wanted another fifth of Jack Daniels because I was running low, but there this bottle was next to the Irish Whiskeys right across the aisle calling to me everything from the Gaelic on the bottle to the celtic knot work coin just screams awesome plus the no way you can miss it “100 proof” marking, of it was game on/love at first sight.

I kinda disliked one thing about this, placement in the store, branding etc makes this look and feel and seem to be a whiskey, as you can see on the bottle below there’s nothing on there about it being a whiskey but that’s not the impression that it makes in the slightest. So know exactly what you’re walking in to, I didn’t and while I don’t regret it I am kinda annoyed that it’s not whiskey.

Shot: This has a kick but it’s still suprisingly smooth, no where near the burn I expected out of a 100 proof alcohol, I took one shot and immediately wanted to get a glass and kick back with a couple fingers worth. It’s got a very sweet taste and feel and is sure to be popular with any female guests you have or people who aren’t fans of rougher beverages like scotch. This is damned good liquer and while I suppose you could mix it with stuff, I humbly ask why the hell you’d want to.  This is one of my new favorite liquers and is retailing in CO at a fair $27 a bottle.

Oh and funnily enough, the Knot has a kinda hyper manly man feel to it’s design and advertising which is why I find it amusing that through several other review sites and my own experiences, this liqeur is extremely popular with the ladies.




Drink it with me or pour it on my pyre: 12 Year Jameson

There’s no review here, or anything to go with it, this Jameson is being held in trust for my buddy in Afghanistan at the moment under the rule that we’ll drink it together when he gets home this late fall, or I’ll pour it on his pyre if he comes home the wrong way. Here’s to breaking this bottle open this fall brother.














Places to get reviews:

I’d also like to give a quick shout out to Slainte on of the best Irish Whiskey review blogs I’ve seen out there and and has helped me with a lot of my personal research. Just fantastic and complete and the comments sections are filled with legit, intelligent commentary and counterpoints to provide other views then that of the reviewer. They also are a lot more complete and knowledgeable then I am which I’m sure will be a boon to some of the readership around here.

I’d also like to introduce you all to Ralfy who has an insanely long and very indepth whiskey review youtube channel. He does cover a bunch of other types of alcohol in his reviews, so there is something for everyone.  I strongly reccomend that you check his channel out, below is his Jameson review.

Ninja Corn:
Corn on the cob is delicious, dripping in butter, a little salt maybe and just tear in to it. Damn it’s a pain in the ass though, you gotta get a bunch of it, throw it in a pot on the boil, and jesus what a pain, especially if you’re cooking for one or two instead of a feasting table filled with people. Well thankfully there’s a solution especially for those with limited time and resources, get the sweet corn you need, you need this corn to be HUSK ON, shove it in the microwave for about three minutes, remove the husk and serve


Beer Brats:
Beer (enough to completely cover the brats in the pot)
Bay leaves (about two)
Onion (about a quarter of a small one)
Spices (I just used a little salt and garlic)

These are the way brats are meant to be cooked, covered in beer then thrown on the grill. Poach the brats in the beer and spices until all the brats are white all the way around then load up with the rest of your meats and head for the grill, you hopefully know what to do from there. There’s really no guidance on how long to keep them in the beer, even from my father who passed this recipe for awesome down to me from his father and his father before him (we’re a strong family tradition of carnivorus beer drinkers if you can’t tell) The quality of beer usually doesn’t have much of an effect that I can tell, we use budweiser around the house mostly but you can definently use Sam Adams, home brew or whatever else.

Note: So spice the beer, add the brats then bring it up to boil, don’t boil the beer then add brats.

Red Wine T-bone: Experimental
T-bone steak
a little ground black pepper
red cooking wine

Apply the spices to the steak and let it soak for a bit in the red wine prior to grilling, this is purely experimental but I’m going to guess that the short amount of time I’m going to have my steak marinating really isn’t going to do super much for the the flavor. However it’s spur of the moment and might end up being really good.
Post eating results: Didn’t really see any results majorly noticeable results, gonna marinate this over night next time. This was still a delicious steak though.

Beer, all ways a vital addition to any cooking ingrediants list

Sara's Sausages Brats, local Colorado product, absolutely delicious


Getting that beer ready to go with some bay leaves and spices

Brats, ready to go

On the boil


In to the red wine

Right on to the grill

first turn

Here's the beef.... and the brats

Yes, the brat is one of the side dishes


Happy July 4th everyone

So I ended up modifying my plans from the original intent with these cookies fairly significantly, I was going to go full metal stupid with them, but the group that was going to come over and help had some cancellations and I had some situations crop up which left me out and busy till late, so I decided to use this as a test run and make sure I could indeed create delicious oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I admit I went full metal lazy and just got some big tubs of tollhouse cookie dough to my ever lasting but extremely yummy shame.


Tollhouse cookie dough

1 pack of double stuffed oreos

semi sweet chocolate chips

I’m going to let the pictures tell the story on this one, these were definitely delicious even if they made me feel like a fattie. I will definitely come back to these for the full “epic” cookie experiment at some point

There are no photos of the chocolate covered ones, they were destroyed in a most brutal fashion by my guests

Not the most complex batch

the test cookies

Delicious failure


Much better


Featured on Sweets for a Saturday

Let’s face it, whether it’s a military barracks or the lower end of college dorms this can suck hard. The chow hall isn’t open for late night snacking or had really rough hours on the weekend, you can always order in or get microwave food but the former gets expensive and makes you fat, the latter is just plain freaking nasty. Cold cuts and sammiches work but that crap gets old fast too.

Bottom line you want better food in your life you gotta cook it, and sometimes you have to break some rules to do it. In every barracks I ever had to live in, and word on dorm rules passed to me from college buddies, hot plates, george foremans, even coffee pots are banned from possession in the dorms and barracks. Put it plain that’s a stupid rule, but it’s there because of stupid people who somehow managed to light their room on fire using a coffee pot. These are the same stupid people who ruin other fun things with dumb rules. Like other dumb rules the first rule to breaking the rules is don’t be stupid yourself. Don’t leave a contraband cooking surface out where any one can find it easily, if your in the military do not leave it in an unlocked cabinet, throw that bitch in your wall locker, or hide it in your car when not in use. Do not start cooking drunk and light shit on fire or get a punch of smoke going.

Be intelligent and delicious food is just a wall socket away.

Me personally I’d go on over to walmart and drop 15-20$ on a George Foreman grill, now hear me out. You can do alot with a George Foreman, they are a cooking dream for the barracks rat or dorm dweller trying to eat like a human being, steaks, seafood, chicken breasts, burgers, fajitas, wraps, burritos. George can do it all and make it nice and lean so you can save those calories for alcohol or whatever it is you like to get fat on.

Just because your in a place that is restrictive about it’s cooking surfaces doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to bland nasty food, or whatever slop the chow hall or cafeteria is serving. Cook on and fight the power!

PS: I cannot stress this enough, be intelligent, don’t leave your george foreman out for field day or whatever, if your RA is nosey during a certain time of day (I pity you for one) don’t be cooking then or at least not cooking in the main room, clean up your mess. Don’t light the freaking building on fire.

Everyonce in awhile you just try something stupid and random and are utterly astonished at how awesome it came out. Today was one of those times, I started with a fairly bare fridge, a fresh thing of bacon and decided I wanted a omlette, what I got was obviously a gift from the god of tasty things because this came out insanely good.

1 Man, 1 Pan 2: Triple B BBQ Bomblette
Half a BBQ chicken breast
4 big strips thick cut bacon, diced
diced onion
3 eggs
egg whites
chedder cheese
Red Wine BBQ sauce*

This takes a little work but it’s worth the effort, first cook your diced bacon, right before you take it off add some of your BBQ sauce which you prepared, then take it off and clear the pan. Throw in the meat, veggies and a little more sauce, once the broccoli has started blanching nicely add the bacon. Let that sizzle while you’re beating your eggs and egg whites, season them a little if you want, then add them to the pan, add a little more of your sauce and once the eggs have solidifed a little bit throw in some cheese. Sever smothered in your BBQ sauce.

This was my first time using red cooking wine on a dish and I have to say I’m really pleased with it, so much more flavor then white wine and perfect for where and how I was using it. I’m also super pleased with how limited I was in materials, adapting something super delicious out of leftovers and some kitchen basics always makes me feel like a total badass.

*I’m actually not revealing the details of the Red Wine BBQ sauce, I’m considering opening a restruant someday and this shit was insanely good, it needs a little tweaking though, it was a little thin and a bit sweet for my tastes.

The line up

What have we got to work with?

Bacon ❤

Don't get saucy with me

Simple Things Are Delicious

So this experiment in cooking started with me watching some Epic Meal Time, the mac&cheese episode. So I started craving Mac&Cheese, bacon and just horrible food in general. So time for a grocery store run!

So after some shopping the following was created:

Bacon Beast Mac

3 boxes mac&cheese

1 thing of bacon

1 thing of hot dogs

cheeses (cheddar and some pepper jack in my case)


whatever the mac n cheese box requires.

Instructions: begin to prepare noodles as demanded on box, also get the hot dogs out on the grill and slice the bacon up in to pieces and start it pan frying, once the noodles are ready prepare the mac and cheese per the box’s instructions (but for a triple recipe of course) then add in your extra cheeses, follow up with the dogs and bacon. There’s not much to write on it and it was devoured long before I could take pictures so this is a kinda sparse post for a sparse month. I’ve been insanely busy and am trying to get back in to the swing of things. More to come though, eat on!


Edit: Dear readers I have lied to you, there were pics! They were just hiding and I spaced them.

Pre dinner snack


Fresh from the grill, ready for the pot


the bacon begins


Noodles, nothing special

Getting cheesey

It looks a little light on meat because A. I mixed it well and B. half the hot dogs got stolen and eaten

That’s got to be the lamest title I’ve ever consciously written for a psychochef cooking blog post, seriously I should be tazered for that pun. If I’m going to pun they can at least not suck that bad. On to the fun stuff.

Bar Report #3: MacMcGee’s

I don’t even try to pretend, I love Irish pubs and Irish style pubs, they bring out the Irishman in me and really get me to enjoy the music and atmosphere. Mac McGee’s in Decatur is a perfect example of an Irish pub, great beer, fantastic food (and potatoes with every meal, the traditional way). It’s a little more expensive then the average pub in Decatur (using say Taco Mac as the standard) but only by a couple cents difference on the drafts and bottles.

This is going to be my last Decatur/Atlanta bar report as I thankfully no longer have any reason to visit the area, really not gonna miss Atlanta at all, back to civilization at last.

Long story short on Mac McGee’s go grab a beer, get a sandwich (the corned beef sandwich is to die for by the way) and have a great time.


Three Bean, Two Meat Awesome Chili

This chili kicked ass, nice spice, great flavor, not quite hot enough for me but wussies had to eat it with me, so I had to reduce the heat.


Large can of tomato sauce
Large can of kidney beans
Large can of pinto beans
can of bush’s fiesta beans (optional)
1lb browned ground turkey
pan cooked, chopped steak
Half a large onion finely chopped
garlic powder
chili powder
white pepper

First brown and season your ground turkey, while that’s simmering get your crock pot warmed up and add the beans and tomato sauce, stir and do some basic seasoning. When the ground turkey is ready add it, stir and season again, now it’s time to cook your steak cubes, season them and cook them with a little olive oil, add the onion to your pan for some more flavor, when the steak’s ready and the onions are caramelized add that juice and all to the crockpot, do a final stir, add the final main dose of seasonings and let simmer for about four hours periodically stirring and checking, add more seasoning to taste.

These got thrown in for the sake of some pantry clearing and turned out to be a great addition!

mmm steak


One man and a pan

So I’ve been messing around more based off of experiment number 1 and so far throwing a bunch of random crap in a pan with some spices and maybe a basic sauce is really working out and has let me make some awesome 2 egg + extra egg whites nomlettes (err omlettes) and some other relatively tasty dishes that I was either too lazy to document, didn’t have the time to document or they were relatively similar to the original “experimental recipe”. Which is so far the major issue with this cooking method, because I end up using a lot of similar ingredients (only so many different veggies to throw in the pan) and add tapatio to EVERYTHING  it come out really similarly. So as a result I’m going to acquire some new ingredients. Red cooking wine, soy sauce and what I think of as rooster hot sauce are at the top of my list.

Today’s recipe came out really well and was my first intentional experiment making a sauce first in the pan (kind of like what I’ve seen on cooking shows for a lot of asian pan cooking, they usually use a wok and some sick wok moves instead of a tiny as pan and a spatula though…) I didn’t branch out super far in the way of ingredients but since I had some BBQ pork chops on hand I decided to add BBQ sauce to the sauce.

One man and a pan #1: BBQ pork in a pan

Extra virgin olive oil
White cooking wine
garlic powder
BBQ sauce
previously made BBQ porkchop

To start chop up all the veggies except the spinach, then chop up the pork in to decent sized chunks. Pour some cooking wine and olive oil in to a pan and get it heated up, add a little tapatio and a big dollop of BBQ sauce. I find you have to overestimate the amount of sauce a little bit, I was off and ended up having to add more BBQ sauce and tapatio as I went. Heat the sauce add spices and get it nice and mixed up, add in your veggies and toss until everything has a good covering of sauce. Once the spinach has blanched nicely add in the pork and a little extra BBQ sauce if needed, mix let cook for about five minutes and serve.

I really wish I’d had some rice on hand to go with this, that would have probably made the meal just right, but as is it tasted pretty good on some wheat toast too.

Giant pile of fresh veggies aka anti-momo weapons

Mmmm porkchops

The line up for the sauce

I'm the sawce boss now

Veggies in a pan, not a big deal

Chow time!

The Basic Bachelor Kitchen

Bear with me gents I know this can a kind of sensitive subject for us. Some of the girls too. However cooking is indispensable for the successful single male(or female) for one being able to eat food that tastes good and doesn’t come from a restaurant, and isn’t delivered or prefrozen, that’s a positive thing for you and your health.

It’s also an important part of your game. Women love a man who can cook, it’s a fantastic way to break the ice and save some money, especially for a 2nd or 3rd date. It’s a more intimate, quieter location which allows for the all important communication to occur. Find some simple tasty recipes, practice making them once or twice and get them locked down, and time her entry in to your domain. Have her show up half to three quarters of the way through meal prep, pour her a glass of wine, (or mix her a drink, get her a beer whatever).  However this isn’t a course on how to get game with girls using food, this is how to get a decent kitchen going to feed yourself on a budget. You’re gonna need some basic stuff but you’ll be surprised as to what you can improvise out of basic implements you already have in the kitchen.

Pots and pans:

When it comes to these elements it’s very simple and very straight forward, if you look around you can usually get them cheap too.  First off is a pan, this is your best friend in the world, with a little practice, eggs, bacon, meats, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Any meal can be cooked in a pan and you can use it to cook food in dozens of different styles and traditions from french to Chinese depending on your taste. Next up is a pot, get one that’s a few gallons in size (3-4). It’ll be kinda large but it opens up your versatility. If you can afford it get a smaller one to do things like sauces in. The pot is your friend too, soups, stews, rice, pasta, veggies (I know they’re evil but eat a few it’s good for you).  All sorts of good things come to the man who has a pot and isn’t afraid to use it. Next up is an oven safe baking pan (disregard if your bachelor pad lacks an oven, If you don’t have a kitchen or live in the barracks/dorms, disregard all of this and see the next article in the series “Bachelor stealth cooking for the dorm dweller or barracks rat“). If you’re interested in baking cookies and stuff, a baking sheet would be a good idea too.

Next comes the tools:

  • 1 Kitchen knife
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 long wooden spoon
  • measuring cup, get a big one and a small one

I can hear someone getting mad because I didn’t include a whisk on here, get one if you want to it can be a useful tool, especially for making sauces and the like, but it can easily be replaced by a fork if you don’t mind putting a little more elbow grease in to it.

Spices: Spices are one of the most vital parts of your cooking arsenal, you should always have a few basic spices on hand and you can get more as recipes call for them, or you decide to get creative.

  • Garlic powder
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

Those three alone are an excellent start to seasoning a meal, if you like things with a little spice add chile powder to the list. As you start cooking more you’ll find more spices you like the taste of and add them to your arsenal.

Finally you need a bottle of olive oil, a can of non stick cooking spray (such as pam) and you’re pretty much set to start cooking.  Recipes are easy to find thanks to the internet, start with keywords like “simple salmon recipe” and go from there. Big cooking websites like the Food Network have a stupid amount of recipes on hand and not all of them are insanely complex.